Sunday, 24 September 2017

A few thoughts on a Flat Earth!

I received the revelation that the earth is not a globe spinning around at 1000 mph back in December 2016, the whole world suddenly became flat, to me at least!
I live on an island peninsula about a mile or so from the most northern point where there is a lighthouse. I can see with my naked eyes as far south as the Isle of Skye and as far north in a linear direction toward Cape Wrath, which is about the most northern tip of the Scottish mainland, I estimate this distance to be approximately 120 miles. Turning counterclockwise toward the north east are the Faeroe Islands with Iceland beyond. Of course, from my vantage point, my eyesight doesn't allow me to see the Faeroe Islands, much less Iceland. I reckon that the seascape my eyesight permits me to see (that is the flat line of the horizon of the sea from the extreme north east toward the most northerly point of mainland Scotland down to the Isle of Skye to be considerably in excess of a 1000 miles. The point I am making is that I don't see any slight curvature in the horizon, it all looks completely flat. It has been calculated that there should be an 8" drop for every one mile if the earth were truly a globe. In my view, simple maths dictate that I should see a noticeable drop, but I don't. The ball-earthers have many and varied theories as to why this is, including the unproven myth of gravity! Oh, they do have 'science' on their side!

Imagine if you can, that you are a single grain of salt lying atop of your dining table, what would you see? Perhaps a better analogy would be to imagine yourself to be a single grain of sand (for that is our Scriptural analogy in respect of population growth; "thy the sand which is upon the sea shore" Genesis 22.17) sat on a perfectly flat table top that is say some 2,000,000 miles square, what would you see? I think all we would be able to observe is an endless horizon disappearing ad infinitum! Which is in reality all we do actually see, but obviously our earth has hills, valleys, mountains, lakes and whatever else thrown into the mix to obscure our perspective.
If we are sat down and then proceed to stand up; the horizon also rises up with (and down with) us, this is no different to taking off, and landing,  in an airplane; the horizon ever rises, and falls, according to our perspective, we never see beyond it! Of course I understand that those who believe we live on a globe will put this phenomena down to the 'fact' that the earth is curved. But nevertheless, I believe that it can be demonstrated from what I have written above, that we could never ever see beyond the horizon (even on a flat plane-because of our limited perspective). I believe that (regardless of mans claims-esp. NASA); however high we can go up vertically we will never be able to take in all the land underneath us. I believe that all we could see would be a recognizable land mass of the known nations surrounded by the Antarctic circle, that is we are encompassed by this giant ring of ice, the oceans don't surround it! Now, as for the depth of Antarctica, can we know it? I did 'pen' a small e-book called "Antarctica Does It End? Hast thou comprehended the breadth of the earth? Declare if thou knowest it all". If any visitors here would like a copy, I will mail one upon request. I remember many years ago that it was said (could it be other than NASA?) that upon 're-entry' space capsules will "burn up" unless an orderly 're-entry' is commissioned. Now, I don't believe it is possible to exit, much less 're-enter' the firmament, for it is FIRM! The heavenly vault is indeed "firm" it is the ceiling that God will not permit access to. It may be that when NASA's rockets/space capsules have attempted to leave the lower heavens, they may have "burnt up" in the process, for they hit the roof of the biblical firmament, blasting themselves to pieces! Forget "re-entry" perhaps this "burn up" happened to rockets/capsules on their attempted exit from the lower heavens?

The flat earth view obviously raises some serious questions about UFO's and extra-terrestrial life; if the earth be as expansive as the heavens above; for God's word clearly says "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" Genesis 1.1, the earth is spoken of as an equal antithesis to the heaven, not merely one of a billion 'planets' out there! The Bible describes the sun and the moon as "two great lights", I believe these to be the same size and the same distance from the earth, they are both "in the firmament" Genesis 1.15. These two "great lights" (one "greater" the other "lesser") were made on the "fourth day", whereas "the heaven and the earth" were made on "the first day". Before I became convinced of the flat earth truth I had visions of a globe spinning around a non-existent sun! nevertheless it is written, "is there anything too hard for me?" Jeremiah 32.27. The Bible knows nothing of 'planets' as we generally understand them to be, when we read the creation account in Genesis, it is said "he made the stars also". The word "planets" is mentioned once in the KJV in 2 Kings 23.5, and in the margin they are depicted as the "twelve signs" which I believe to be the "Mazzaroth" in Job 38.32 where the marginal footnote depicts this name to be "the twelve signs".

Is it not strange that we have never heard of alien abductions before the term "flying-saucer" came into popular use since the 1930's, the start of the modern "sci-fi" era? The widely accepted view is that there are 'aliens' from far flung galaxies, billions of light years from us that are so advanced compared to us that they can travel these vast distances in "a twinkling of an eye"! Well, how come there are no recorded accounts until very recently of these 'advanced aliens' flying their saucers? Is their such a thing as a 'light year' even? It can be seen that the heliocentric theory is directly responsible for science fiction and all the false theorizing of "science falsely so called" 1 Timothy 6.20. I believe the heliocentric lie to be a bigger deception than the theory of evolution, for without the former, the latter would never have spawned in due time.
Apparently man landed on the moon in 1969, I was 8 years old then, and our technology was so 'advanced' then, for I remember my father hand cranking his car with a starting handle! Think on these things!

Regarding airplane routes, flight distances from places such as Australia to Chile, namely Sydney to Santiago. It has been said that such routes prove the flat-earth model to be false. But, when I started to wrack my brains out on this, I had an 'eureka' moment! These plane routes in the southern 'hemisphere' so-called are built on a false premise. Lets reverse the order, imagine that the Bible taught in no uncertain language that the earth was a globe spinning around the sun? Along comes Copernicus who says "no, the earth is flat!" In the course of time the flat-earth model becomes the accepted standard. The world evolves and the commercial airline industry develops, flight routes are mapped all across the flat earth. Since the days of our flat-earth Copernicus, there have been a very small few who could never be convinced that the earth was other than a ball. This number increases with the onset of the internet age and many are starting to question the long held flat-earth view! You-tube comes on song and those that are debunking the rising biblical ball earth view are saying "the flight time on a ball-earth for Sydney to Santiago would be a lot shorter than if the world were flat- this proves that the earth isn't a ball!" Whereas the oft repeated mantra is "the flight times of the southern-hemisphere routes would be impossibly long". Get it? Sometimes I feel like I am coming up on the down train!

I have much more to say on this.

To be Continued.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

The Wheat and the Tares

This parable teaches that there are true and false believers together growing in the world. Anyone that has a very basic knowledge of gardening, would know that if you were to sow your seeds at the beginning of the growing season, and left them untended until the time of reaping, or harvest, what sight would await them!
You would hardly be able to see what you had planted, such will it be at the end of the age. 'Narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it'  Matthew 7.14. The Saviour in the very next verse warns us to 'Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.' To any true Christian with a small amount of Biblical discernment, it cannot have escaped their notice the sheer volume of men and women the world around that have set up in ministry work, even calling themselves 'prophets', 'apostles','bishops' and other such titles. One only has to go on TBN to see this to be the case. Some of these people have considerable followings and are basically nothing more than pantomine performers. They often talk fast and furiously, throwing Bible verses about, mixing these with whatever they may be teaching. This has a 'form of godliness' 2 Timothy 3.5, and the Apostle goes on to tell believers to 'turn away' from such people. The problem that I see is that these false teachers, prophets are not entirely to blame, they are feeding into a market place, for people love to be deceived. For 2 Timothy 4.3 says very clearly "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears." Note that the verse says " after their own lusts"!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mrs Ford's KJV 1611 Bible printed 1837.

My wife was given this Bible by her parents sometime last year, it was handed down to them through the family. If you look at the third photo you will see a commentary on the 4th chapter of 1 Thessalonians. It is the 16th verse of this book that our pre tribulation brethren use to teach an "any moment rapture".
If we read the commentary on the 15th verse; I think we can safely conclude that this chapter is teaching the Second Advent will happen after the great tribulation!

Above is a commentary from 2 Thessalonians 2.3; this is clearly teaching that the apostasy will come first, and then the Antichrist. Is that not what the plain and simple reading of the text teaches? Not unless you believe that the Church and Israel have two separate destinies according to Dispensationalism!

On another note, what saddens me; flicking through the pages of this wonderful old copy of the 1611 KJV, is that the pages inside are like brand new. They look like they have never been turned, or even read. From what I can deduce, this Bible was only used as a diary to record dates of family births, deaths, marriages and Christenings etc; these were recorded on the inside covers where you can see for yourself the old English handwriting style and of course where the sunlight has aged the paper.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Mr B.W.Newton's Comments on Revelation 17 & 18

Revelation 17.

Babylon viewed morally, i.e. the moral system of ANTICHRISTIANISM.
Babylon has always been that in which men have combined against God, e.g.
 Genesis 11:1-9. The building of the tower of Babel.
 Joshua 7. The Babylonish garment ensnared Achan. Babylon's flattery allured Hezekiah to his city's destruction and his people's captivity, though he had been enabled to overcome it in war. Compare Isaiah 39 with Daniel 1:1,2.
 A "woman" is the symbol of a moral system. There are three "women" in Scripture representative of systems.

 1. False Christianity in Matthew 13.33; where a woman (mother church) is seen mixing leaven with meal: corrupting the Word of God with false doctrines and tradition.
 2.True Christianity in God's estimate in Revelation 12.1.
 3.The "harlot" of this chapter or "Babylonianism", a concentration of the world's seductive attractiveness centred in Babylon. This influence of worldly glory and splendour will extend over the ten Roman nations (compare v.1 with v.15) principally through commercial agencies (Zechariah 5:5-11).
 v.2. "It will also be a delusive intoxicating system which will attract the ten kingdoms-a reign of wealth that will minister to every tendency of human nature, to all the senses in display, power, taste, luxury-a delirium of pleasure throughout the civilized nations!"
 v.3. The "wilderness"; for the separate place will be the only one from which to view it rightly-outside or apart from it-for it will be the "Vine of the Earth"; and if we sip the cup of its wine, it will unfit us for a right judgment concerning it.
 It will be an infidel system, and will at first rule over Antichrist. The woman is seen "sitting on the Beast"; i.e.,controlling it! This is an earlier event in Antichrist's life than chapter 13. vv. 4,5. See Isaiah 47:8, for what Babylon will be in the sight of GOD, and what she will arrogate to herself. "That which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God."
 v.6. Persecution of those who oppose or testify against it; oppression behind the scenes of worldliness!
 v.8. This refers to a KING OF BABYLON. There was one in the past (Nebuchadnezzar). When John wrote, the Chaldean power had disappeared and there was not one ; but Antichrist will be King of Babylon when Babylon revives, and all in the ten kingdoms but the elect remnant will worship him!
 Nebuchadnezzar was the first king of Babylon;
 Antichrist will be the last.
 Nebuchadnezzar set up his image to be worshipped;
 Antichrist will do the same, so that he will reappear as the revived HEAD OF BABYLON, VIZ. "the beast that was, yet is not (when John wrote), but is yet to be".
 v.9. The "seven mountains" are what the "seven heads" are to the beast in chapter 13-all the ruling systems of the world -the sources of authority.
 vv. 10,11. A parenthetical passage, giving information as to the various modes in which power has been exercised during the world's history. These will be closed by Antichrist. See his doom in chapter 19:20.
 "The five fallen"-Nimrod's native monarchy.
Israel's theocracy. Babylon's autocracy. Persia's aristocratic monarchy. Greece's military oligarchy. "One is"-Rome's democracy. "The other not yet come"-Plutocracy or Babylonianism. "The eighth"-Antichrist.
 v.12. These ten kings are not existent yet, but they will be when Antichrist arises, for they will reign concurrently at the same hour with him (Daniel 7:8).
 v.13. This will be the final step taken by these kings. They will come to an agreement to give their armies and support to Antichrist and will elect him as their leader, thus cutting themselves off from Salvation (chapter       14:11)! "Be wise now therefore, O ye kings ", is the exhortation to such (Psalm 2:10-12).
 v.14. See Daniel 8 :11, 25. They will accompany Antichrist in his last attempt to overthrow Jerusalem, and they will with him meet with judgment from the Lord Himself Who, accompanied by the risen saints (many of whom having refused to worship Antichrist will have been killed by him), will prevail and prove His title to the Name that Antichrist will have assumed of King of Kings (chapter 19:16)!
 v.15. See v.1 and Jeremiah 51:13.
 v.16. Read "The ten horns which thou sawest and the beast" (Dr Tregelles). This is the time when Antichrist, having destroyed Babylonianism, becomes supreme. Chapter 13 follows here as to time.
 v.17. See Isaiah 55:11, 10:5,6, 23. Daniel 9:27.
[At present this Babylonian system is restrained (2 Thessalonians 2:6,7); the great restraining influences being  Ecclesiasticism and Popery; but that which is helping most towards bringing it in is the Broad Church principle of Latitudinarianism, with no distinction of creed and an ignoring of definite Truth as revealed in Scripture.]

Revelation 18-19:10.

BABYLON, the great City and the Metropolis of Antichrist's kingdom viewed literally and Physically; i.e., in it's outward aspect; the position it will occupy among men as the great emporium of COMMERCE. It's inner workings and moral principles we find in Zechariah 5:5-11 under the emblem of an Ephah or measure denoting commerce, in which a "woman" is working secretly and evilly. That godlessness will be developed manifestly in "the land of Shinar", and this chapter 18 describes it's manifestation.
vv. 1,2 shew what it's End will be first, that we may contemplate its greatness in the light of these words. What God purposes is in His sight already done. He can speak of the future as if it were past.
 v.3. It will be a great commercial city, which Rome never was; a proof that it does not mean Rome. It will allure and intoxicate with its attractions.
 v.4. God's call to such as have "ears to hear"; conscience to feel; faith to believe what God has said of its doom while yet it is in all its attractive glory; and wisdom and grace to discern the signs and obey Christ's command to leave the place of judgment before being driven out by force, as Lot out of Sodom. "Behold I have told you before". Believers who heed not Prophecy or this caution will share in these earthly judgments, even though their souls be saved. Babylon will be during the Millennium what the "cities of the plain" are in this Dispensation-a monument of God's justice.
 v.7. To them it might be said "Your joy shall be turned into sorrow". Costliness, refinement, luxurious enjoyment will characterise Babylon. These will ensnare the godly; intoxicate the nations; and the ten kings (whose metropolis it will be) will be entangled with its splendour and luxuries. These and its sudden fall are here detailed.
 vv. 10-14. It will be the emporium of the luxuries of the earth. The list of its merchandise contains little that is useful or sinful in itself, but merely what is for man's gratification.
 v.15. The "market" of the world being destroyed, the merchants and manufacturers of these things (whose depots are there) will be ruined, having expended capital in material and labour with no prospect of sale for them then! But the destruction will occur just before the Coming of the Lord; and it is to this doubtless that Christ refers in Luke 21:34,35, when cautioning Christians whose worldly all may have been suddenly lost in Babylonian loans, Euphrates valley shares, etc.; against their hearts being "overcharged with cares of this life". He urges them not to be anxious (excited), as there will be no further need of it, for this utter destruction of Babylon will immediately precede the Coming of the Lord. In reference to this, how seasonable the injunction "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth".
 vv.16-19. The universal cry in the leading cities of the ten kingdoms on the announcement of Babylon's fall! Jeremiah 1:9-16 and 51.27-32 shew the agents in its destruction will be nations from the East. See chapter 16:12.
 v.20. Heaven's estimate of it.
 vv.21-23. It will be consigned to everlasting oblivion.
 v.24. It's system will have honoured all evil ones in its Latitudinarianism godlessness and will therefore be responsible for all the persecutions of those systems!
 Chapter 19:1-10. The first "Hallelujah" in Heaven will be over Babylon's fall!
 vv.7-9. The subject of the book of the Revelation is not CHRISTENDOM, so there is no description of the gathering of the saints here.
From other Scriptures we may find they are raised, to to come with the Lord (17:14).


Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Sons of God.

The subject of the Nephilim is one which there are two different view points. Obviously one is true, the other false. There are many today believing doctrines that are not grounded in Scripture. These teachings, some call 'Jewish fables' others, downright lies. The Bible interprets itself and we should ever follow this principle. There is nothing wrong with the study of extra canonical writings, but we should never try to formulate Biblical doctrines from such sources. There are Bible teachers and pastors that are teaching things that are now in the realms of science fiction, they have no place for God's people, only in that cesspit known as Hollywood. How long will it be before film makers start to call on these teachers?

Reading through the 4th and 5th chapters of Genesis, we see clearly the genealogies of the Sethites and Cainites. They did not intermingle until Genesis 6.2. There was a 'fatal attraction'; the 'Son's of God' 'saw the daughters of men that they were fair'. That the lineage of the 'Son's of God' sprang from Seth, is verified by Scripture; Genesis 4.25: 'God hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew'. And what of the lineage of Cain, the worlds first murderer? Is he not 'of that wicked one'? 1 John 3.12. Which wicked one?

Undoubtedly the 'Sons of God' is clearly referring to angels in Job 1.6 and 2.1. But this does not follow that this term has the same meaning in Genesis 6.2. John 1.12 teaches; 'as many as received him, to them he gave the power to become the son's of God, even to them that believe on his name'. God undoubtedly created humankind and the angelic host, they have both been termed as 'Son's' in these respective passages.
One may ask, 'How could the intermarriage of the seed of Seth and the seed of Cain produce giants?' To which our reply would be, 'How could the  intermarriage of angels and men produce giants?' In the Bible, when angels have assumed the form of man, no superior physical stature has ever been mentioned, read Genesis 18.2 and 19.5 for example. The Lord Jesus said that angels are not 'given in marriage'; Matthew 22.30, Mark 12.25. The Lord says   that angels do not procreate, they do not have children. Is this not the contextual teaching of these two Bible verses?
The inter mixture of Sethites and Cainites however was very likely to produce a race of superior bodily constitution  These two races continued separately for long ages, and they intermarried with near kindred, so they must have degenerated greatly; and therefore the inter mixture of the two would have given rise to a stronger race.
We read that giants were after the flood when Israel intermarried with the Moabites. If inter marriage with angels was required to produce giants in the time of Noah, it must have been needed again afterwards to produce them in the time of Israel. Anak must have married an angel and his sons Ahiman, Sheshai and Talmai, who are called Nephilim, must have been semi-angels. Then, some of Anak's ancestors must have also married angels, seeing that it is said that the 'Nephilim' were sons of Anak (Numbers 13.33), but he himself was of the same race, being half an angel and half a man. With this in mind Anak's wife must have been a female angel, whereas in Noah's day the angels that descended to earth must have been male. And these created beings are asexual, if the teachings of the Lord Jesus are to be understood aright?
Throughout the 6th of Genesis we are informed that it was man's sin that was so great in the earth; that it was on account of man's sin that the deluge came. But if as many today would have us believe the old 'Jewish fables' then it was not man's sin that wrought the evil but the sin of angels. To to any right thinking person it is clear that they are the guilty parties in this transaction, if they were parties at all! If the 'Sons of God' were angels then is mankind to be judged for the sin of angels? If on the other hand the 'Sons of God' were the Sethites, the representatives of the patriarchal Church how natural is the whole scenario! The Sethites were the 'salt of the earth' (Matthew 5.13), and once the salt had lost it's savour, then was the world ripe for God's judgment?
An old time writer asked 'What sort of creatures could the offspring of men and angels be?' 'Would they be men or would they be angels?' And could they produce offspring? From my very limited knowledge of science, I understand that different genera cannot breed offspring. If when it does happen as in the case of horses and donkeys which produce mules, the offspring becomes sterile.
Where exactly would these 'half angels' stand in relation to Christ as regards salvation? Being semi man and semi demons? Could they believe on Him who took not on Him the nature of angels, but who took on Him the seed of Abraham? Hebrews 2.16. Could they be washed in His blood? Could they be condemned for rejecting Noah's message about the promised seed of the woman? What was the seed of the woman to those who did not belong to the human race?

The ramifications of this horrid doctrine end I know not where. The Saviour when speaking of the 'days of Noah' said 'they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage', so He said it will be in the days of the 'coming of the Son of man'. There is wholesale and ever increasing widespread apostasy in our age.
As believers we should warn the ungodly of the wrath to come, of the eternal burning that awaits those who reject the gospel. As Noah a preacher of righteousness proclaimed salvation to the then lost world, kept himself separate and undefiled from the world, we should do likewise.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The first resurrection of Revelation 20.5.

To many, the book of Revelation is a big turn off. It is seen by them as mysterious, and beyond comprehension. Indeed this would be the case if it were not for the sixty five books that precede it.
Having said this, there are many interpretations on God's final Word to His people. God is not the author of confusion. The Lord said; 'My sheep hear my voice', John 10.27.
Many professing Christians are actively encouraged by their pastors not to study this book. Indeed the writer received a similar admonishment as a new believer. And this, in spite of the blessing recorded in the 3rd verse of the first chapter!? It is a book with many names, words and phrases contained within that are bandied about by the unbelieving and mocking world: Such as Armageddon, pearly gates, the number of the beast (666), the Alpha and Omega, Gog and Magog, etc. It is a book that contains the final events of the history of mankind and the old adversary the Devil, or Satan,  and confirms the coming fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies regarding the messianic kingdom, the new Jerusalem, and the resurrection of the just and the unjust.

It is our privilege as believers, to possess a knowledge of how all things pertaining to this present world will end. Moreover, unbelievers, throughout the world, especially in the west have knowledge that the Revelation does indeed contain information regarding the end times. It is a bizarre situation in many ways because the Bible is the worlds best selling book and is so easily available, not only in print, but online too. And yet this information is 'veiled' it cannot be believed or acted upon unless one is 'born again'. Did not the Lord say to Nicodemus 'Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.'?  John 3.3. Isaiah prophesied regarding this blindness: The Saviour recited the prophet's words (Isaiah 6.9) in the gospels (Matthew 13.14, Mark 4.12, Luke 8.10), He said that though they had eyes, ears and a brain, that they would not see, hear and understand! It is a very sobering thought that men who have been to Bible schools, Seminaries and such establishments, and have been 'trained' to teach God's Word, are guilty of doing Satan's work. The false ministers of God's Word are perhaps more guilty than all the eastern mystics and soothsayers? They indeed 'hold the truth in unrighteousness', Romans 1.18? The spirit that was in Ahab keeps men from the prophecies of the Bible: 'And the king of Israel said unto Jehoshaphat, there is yet one man, Micaiah the son of Imlah, by whom we may enquire of the LORD: but I hate him; for he doth not prophesy good concerning me, but evil.' 1 Kings 22.8.
Conversely, where the study of Bible prophecy and the Revelation is actively encouraged it is possible to study and teach it amiss. Some would use stronger language and call these men false teachers. Chapter 20, verse 5 speaks of the 'first resurrection', in fact the words in my King James Version are affirmative: 'This is the first resurrection.', emphasis mine. What then does the Bible reveal as to the first resurrection? Who are to partake in it? And when does it take place? 
If plain words mean anything, first means first; so it is impossible that there can be a resurrection that precedes the first resurrection, otherwise it would not be a first resurrection? Verses 5 and 6 clearly teach that an actual resurrection is taught, that is an actual bodily resurrection. This resurrection then will include every saved person that has ever died up to this point. The Scripture also teaches that the first resurrection cannot possibly take place until after the development of Antichrist and his reign, 2 Thessalonians 2.3. This first resurrection also takes place when the Lord Jesus Christ comes again in manifest glory, Matthew 24.30.
It is surely a great mistake to believe a doctrine that teaches Revelation 20.5 should be interpreted in such a way to plainly contradict other Scriptures? What is revealed in the Revelation is Holy Spirit inspired; shining further light on the Old Testament prophets and the New Testament writings, it is in harmonious accord, it is surely not opposed to what went before?

It is the writer's firm conviction that many professing believers are indeed blinded, they cannot see because they won't see. They have been blinded by Dispensational teachers who claim to be 'rightly dividing the word of truth', 2 Timothy 2.15. The words 'rightly dividing' has in it's meaning to 'handle aright', this is what the AV is conveying! This is confirmed by the margin in the Revised Version. Many Dispensational theologians use this Scripture in order to divide time into dispensations. The reality is that there are two dispensations of time, before and after the cross, indeed this would agree with the OT prophets as they understood it to be, the present age, and the messianic kingdom age. Indeed this can be confirmed by the secular world's dating system, though there is a Satanic attack on that!

For a 'believer' to hold to an 'any moment secret' coming or 'first resurrection' (for this is what it amounts to) before the Antichrist is revealed is believing in a doctrine that Scripture plainly does not teach. 

S.P.Tregelles that most notable of Bible scholars (Hebrew and Greek) speaking of the pre tribulation rapture theorists said; 

They have the scripture; they borrow it's phrases, applying them to their own cherished fancies, they take truths from it, but they apply them in connections not only false in themselves, but even in direct contradiction of what the word of God distinctly states. How can any learn from Scripture, if they maintain that events shall come to pass at a different time and in a manner directly contradicting what the Scripture says? Is a man a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ because he uses His name, while denying every material truth as to His very Godhead and very manhood, and the true substitutional sacrifice of His death? What, then, in a similar manner, should be said of those who hold a first resurrection differing in time, manner and circumstances, from THE first resurrection of which the Scripture makes mention? who expect a coming of Christ (such as He Himself said should never take place) without publicity, without manifested glory, without His taking vengeance on any, without His so taking the kingdom into his own hands that thenceforth anti christian blasphemy and persecution should be impossible? Must it not be said that Scripture terms have been applied to the opposite of Scripture truths? 

There is much more I could write at the present moment, but for the sake of brevity will close after these last few sentences.
Earlier I mentioned that great blessing in the beginning of Revelation; 1.3, I must therefore speak of the opposite, right at the end of Revelation; 22.18-19. I find it hard to put into words, that is, the awful curse that men would find themselves under for adding to, or taking away from 'the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life.'

We are living in prophetic times, in an age of exponential technology and knowledge that has never existed before. With the internet and other media there is a seemingly endless rise of self appointed false teachers that plainly go beyond what God's Word plainly teaches.

'My brethren be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.' James 3.1. Wise counsel indeed.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Theory of the Trumpets According To E.W. Bullinger (and so say all the other Dispensationalists).

'The Apocalypse Or The Day Of The Lord' Pages 370-372.

Revelation 11.15. "And the seventh angel sounded his trumpet; and there were loud voices in heaven"; Each seventh seal, trumpet and vial is marked of from the preceding six by unmistakable signs, sufficient to show us that they are resumptive rather than continuous. Each going over the same ground to give particulars not contained in the others, bringing us up to a crisis; and giving the other events in the corresponding period, but from a different point of view.
This is called the "seventh" trumpet, and it is the "last" of this special series . But it does not follow that there will be none after: or, that a trumpet sounding before it may not also be called the "last" relatively to another subject. In 1 Corinthians 15. 51,52 we read of  "the last trumpet: for a trumpet shall sound." In 1 Thessalonians 4.16, we read that "the Lord shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the archangel's voice , and with the trump of God." This is the last trumpet as regards the church of God, but not the last absolutely. It will be sounded long before these judgments begin, in order to raise His sleeping saints, and take them up with the living saints, to be with Himself forever. There will be another great trumpet after the great tribulation, immediately connected with the Lord's Apocalypse. See Matthew 24.31. This is subsequent to this "seventh Trumpet," for that Apocalypse is recorded in Revelation 19. So that the seventh Trumpet in Revelation 11.15 is not the "last Trump," absolutely, but only relatively; for it is only the last of this series of seven. Moreover, this is neither called the "last"; nor is it necessary for us so to call it. The Trump in 1 Corinthians 15.51,52, is called "the last" with reference to the church of God. It is the Trump which shall close our connection with the earth; it will end up all longing expectation, and therefore there is a true sense that it is our last Trump.
The Trump of 1 Corinthians 15.51,52, is the same that is mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 4.16. We have had so many positive proofs that these "Seven Trumpets" belong to another Dispensation altogether, that we cannot confuse the Trump which shall summon the church of God to its ascension with the trumpet which shall bring on the last of God's plagues and end up His judgment of the earth.

I first read Bullinger's "Apocalypse" about five years ago. I have since read it through twice. It is a chapter and verse commentary on the whole of the Revelation, some 700 pages long.
Upon first reading, from memory, I just accepted Mr Bullinger's interpretation, because he was a noted Bible scholar.

As I started to examine the pre trib rapture theory in greater depth, needless to say, I was much perplexed at trying to decipher the above! However, I sincerely believe that most Christians who hold to the pre trib rapture, would accept Mr Bullinger's theory. Though, having said that, can any seriously, and honestly believe and understand such Scriptural perversion?
Mr Bullinger, as indeed many who went before, and after him, should, if they were honest enquirers of the truth, have rejected the pre trib rapture theory on the trumpets alone. Sadly, such men are more loyal to the theory than the simple plain truth. So great is this deception.
Bullinger, it must be stressed, was known as a "Hyper" or "Ultra" Dispensationalist, as opposed to a "Moderate" Dispensationalist. He believed that water baptism and the Lord's supper were not church, or Christian ordinances. He also held to the view that the church was born after the close of the book of Acts, whereas mainstream,or moderate (so-called) Dispensationalists tell us it was in Acts 2. The Word of God says it started with Jesus and His disciples in the gospels.
Harry Ironside (moderate Dispensationalist) referred to many of Bullinger's theories as an "absolutely Satanic perversion of the truth".

I say that the whole system, is a perversion of the truth, and it needs an axe laid into it's deepest roots, going right back to about 1830.